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Australian Revit Models for Toilet and Shower Partitioning Systems

Revit BIM Models offer a comprehensive suite of tools that cater to the varied and complex needs of architects. These tools not only streamline the design and documentation process but also enhance collaboration, coordination, and efficiency, ultimately leading to more accurate and sustainable architectural solutions.

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Benefits of Duracube Revit models

Our Revit models are developed to facilitate quick, accurate documentation and specification for wet area designs that are compliant with Australian Building Standards:

  1. Parametric Modeling & Local Content: Offers parametric modelling for precise 3D designs using locally created Australian content. This aids in documentation, visualisation, scheduling, and tagging, ensuring that the designs are culturally and regionally relevant.
  2. Automation & High-Quality Standards: Features automation that streamlines the building design process, coupled with high-quality inbuilt parameters for industry-compliant wet area design, aligning with Australian standards.
  3. Collaboration & User-Friendly Design: Enables multiple users to collaborate on the same model in real time, making it user-friendly and focusing on design, thus facilitating easy specification for Australian projects.
  4. Coordination & Compliance: Provides coordination tools essential for the architectural design process, ensuring compliance with Australian Building Standards and Quality Assurance requirements.
  5. Efficient Scheduling & Productivity: Incorporates efficient scheduling features that update automatically with model changes, saving time and increasing productivity for Australian architectural practices.
  6. Energy Analysis & Sustainable Design: Includes energy analysis tools for sustainable design, allowing architects to optimise energy efficiency and environmental impact, crucial for contemporary Australian architecture.
  7. Rendering, Presentation & Local Visualisation: Offers integrated tools for rendering and presentation, tailored with Australian visualisation preferences in mind, enhancing the presentation and visualisation of local designs.
  8. Construction Documentation & Australian Standards: Aids in producing high-quality, coordinated, and error-free construction documents, in line with Australian construction standards, thanks to its robust 3D modelling capabilities.
  9. Australian Autodesk Authorised Developer: The system is created by an industry-recognised Australian Autodesk Authorised Developer, ensuring reliability and local expertise in software development.

The Revit models come with a comprehensive User Guide detailing product design and family usage, Sample Projects for practical reference, and Durasafe compact laminate textures for enhanced design realism.

Duracube Revit BIM models for wet area partitioning systems, lockers and bench seating are available for download now.

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