Durasafe® and Laminex Comparison

Durasafe® Overview

The Durasafe® range has many bright and vibrant colors which have been selected as part of Duracube’s drive to be at the forefront of the latest colours and designs in washrooms. The Durasafe® colours will give your Commercial Bathrooms that extra boost and zing you’ve been looking for!

With the wide range of toilet partition colours we often have builders and architects asking which if our colours are similar, equivalent or close alternatives to the Laminex and Polytec ranges. 

Many of the Durasafe® Woodgrain and matt colours are a very close match to the Laminex Multipurpose Compact Laminate and Polytec Compact Laminate Range. This makes the Durasafe® range a perfect alternative for your project to achieve increased quality control, cost savings and fast lead times.

Benefits of Durasafe® compact laminate:

  • Superior technical specifications (All testing certifications are available and the results are shown in the Durasafe® colour chart).
  • Greater control of supply chain including stock and manufacturing / cut-to-size in the one location in Australian minimising stock and/or lead time issues
  • Ability to earmark specific colours and custom sizes to suit specific requirements of Large projects.
  • Colours designed and selected in conjunction with leading Australian Architectural practices.
  • Managed by industry professionals based in Australia who’ve been in the industry for over 30 years and highly proficient in manufacturing toilet cubicles and working with compact laminate.

Durasafe® Colours

Durasafe® is stocked in Australia in over 30 colours with 3 different finishes including Matt, Raw Oak and Gloss, comes standard with a black core. Durasafe® also offer a non-stock range manufactured to order with a 12 week lead time and minimum quantities an additional 50 plus colours and difference finishes and the option for colour through core, white core, multicore options.

The Durasafe® Matt finish is similar to Laminex Suede, Laminex Natural, Laminex Flint, Laminex Matt, Polytec Matt, Polytec Natura or Polytec Matera finishes. The Durasafe® Raw Oak finish is similar to Laminex Grain, Laminex Nuance, Polytec Ravine finishes.  The Durasafe® Gloss finish is similar to Laminex Gloss finish

The Durasafe® compact laminate range is all stocked in 13mm thickness which is the standard thickness in Australia. It is available to be made to order in 5mm, 6mm, 7mm, 8 mm, 9mm, 10mm, 11mm, 12mm, 16mm, 18mm and 25mm. Minimum order quantities and a 12 week lead time applies to alternative thickness to the industry standard 13mm.

The Durasafe® range a preferred option for Fitout Contractors, Builders, Joiners and Architects due to it’s very cost effective system known for its robust and durable quality. As a general rule, Compact Laminate board is prone to bowing, twisting or warping if not handled correctly from the time it is produced until it is machined into the final product. 

When Durasafe® board is used in Duracube cubicle systems, Duracube are able to implement a QA system right through from production, shipping, storage, manufacturing, transport and  installation to eliminate issues from bowing or twisting occuring.

We have put together a list of the similar or alternative colours to assist our clients when working with products from Laminex or Polytec colour ranges. This chart is a guideline and physical samples should be viewed in all instances where colour matching is critical. If you would like samples sent; you can request them here.

The Duracube team are always interested in feedback and suggestions regarding colours, finishes or systems to help us better service the architectural or functional requirements of anyone involved in the design, construction or maintenance of washrooms. Please contact us if you have any specific colours/designs you would like to see in our range!

pedestal mounted overhead braced toilet shower partition
Laminex Durasafe®
Alaskan Pure Ash 9610RS
Aries Classic Grey 275
Batallion Charcoal 279
Black Midnight 401
Burnished Wood Midnight Acacia 401RS
Charcoal Charcoal 279
Cherry Riftwood Brooks Walnut 5018
Classic Oak Oak 738RS
Eggshell Sky 284
Elegant Oak Brooks Walnut 5018RS
Fossil Eastern Brown 264
Fox Evening 268
Fox Teakwood Innate Ash 9611RS
Ghostgum Oyster white 116
Juicy Green Apple 259
Just Rose Rose Pink 166
Lava Grey Charcoal 279
Licorice Linea Midnight Acacia 5331RS
Lusterous Elm Rosenheim Elm 5353RS
Mandarin Sunset 217
Milkwood Pure ash 9610RS
Moleskin Off white 113
Moose Brushed Steel 882
Natural Walnut Rosenheim Elm 5353RS
New Graphite Brushed Steel 882
Olympia Blue Royal Blue 291
Olympia Yellow Sunshine 229
Oyster Grey Classic Grey 275
Oyster Linea Pure Ash 9610RS
Parchment Off White 113
Pillarbox Red Apple 204
Polar White Artic White 111
Raw Birchply Philippine Teak 5003RS
Seasoned Oak Oak 738SF
Silver Ash Refresh Oak 5427RS
Sublime Teak Phillipine Teak 5003SF
Tornado Evening 268
White Oyster White 116
Zincworks Brushed Grey 923
Alaskan Pure Ash 9610RS

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