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Bennett Oval, Whyalla

Bennett Oval, Whyalla

Project Brief:

Supply and install Floor Mount Overhead Braced Toilet & Shower Partitions and Shower Seats, Privacy Panels and Slotted Wall Seating.

Duracube Products Installed:

Privacy Panels

Privacy Panel – Preschool Panels

Floor Mount – Overhead Braced (FOB)

Floor Mount – Overhead Braced (FOB)

Bench Seating

Bench Seating

Durasafe Colours:

Durasafe 268 Evening - Deep and sophisticated grey for elegant partition designs

268 Evening

Durasafe 464 Barrier Reef - Vibrant turquoise for lively and refreshing partition designs

464 Barrier Reef

Durasafe 217 Sunset - Warm and inviting orange hue for lively partition designs

217 Sunset

Durasafe 279 Charcoal - Dark and bold grey for impactful partition aesthetics

279 Charcoal

738 Oak


Mossop Construction + Interiors

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