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Commercial Compact Laminate Vanities for Washrooms in Sydney

Compact Laminate Cafe Tabletops

Duracube’s Compact laminate Tabletops are a perfect solution for dining/working/learning in style whilst maintaining a robust nature.


  • Incorporates Durasafe 13mm Compact Laminate with top & bottom arising to maintain a seamless finish
  • Impact resistant surface
  • Black core is polished to enhance the edges
  • Option of 30 Stocked Colours and an Extra 35+ colours available on indent
  • Made to Order in Square, round Rectangle or custom shapes to suit your requirements.
  • Sizing from 200 x 200 up to 1800 x 3600
  • Available with Customised Predrilling for easy base attachment


  • Cost Effective dining solution for Indoor and Outdoor Applications
  • Antibacterial surface preventing growth of 98% of bacteria
  • Vandal & graffiti resistant
  • No edgetapes to peel or lift
  • Easy to Clean and Maintain (wipe clean with a citrus cleaner)
  • Customised designs to suit your space and style
  • Waterproof

10 warranty

Suitable For

  1. Cafés
  2. Restaurants
  3. Bars
  4. Breakout/Lunch rooms
  5. Alfresco Dining
  6. Health application


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