Full Height – Privacy Max (FHPM)

Duracube’s Full Height Privacy Max (FHPM) redefines privacy and security in wet area applications, providing a solution for workplace and education institutes looking to design facilities with reduced risks of child protection violations, sexual harassment, and compromised psychological safety. Designed to eliminate gaps around panels and doors, this partitioning system ensures maximum visual and acoustic privacy. It serves as an ideal, cost-effective alternative to constructing stud walls or individual rooms. Its superior design not only offers an easy and simple solution for gender-neutral or unisex bathrooms but also provides enhanced protection from mobile phone cameras and ensures superior acoustic privacy.

Why Privacy Max Stands Out:

  • Gap-Free Privacy: Ensuring no visual breaches, especially from mobile phone cameras, Privacy Max’s fully sealed system is paramount for public toilets in schools, sporting amenities, and defence facilities.
  • Acoustic Privacy: With its acoustic rubber seal around doors and openings, Privacy Max significantly reduces toilet noise, offering a safe and private environment.
  • Cost-Effective Construction: As a budget-friendly alternative to traditional construction, Privacy Max requires fewer trades, lessening project management time and costs.
  • Compliance and Versatility: Meeting NCC 2022 Part F standards for unisex facilities, Privacy Max is adaptable for a range of settings, including end-of-trip facilities, corporate amenities, and more.
  • No gaps between doors and pilasters, ensuring maximum privacy.
  • Quick and easy installation compared with traditional stud wall construction
  • Nibs and divisional panels are mounted to the floor and fixed to the ceiling to maximise privacy
  • Acoustic rubber seal around doors, on the floor and in openings to eliminate toilet noise
  • Constructed using Durasafe 13mm compact laminate
  • The ventilation panel allows air circulation without compromising privacy.
  • Viva satin chrome cast alloy hardware with concealed stainless steel fixings (3 gravity hold open hinges per door)
  • Ambulant Door Handle
  • Grey Powder Coated Aluminium extrusions
  • Economical alternative to stud wall construction
  • Minimal project management and program time
  • Fewer trades required
  • Sustainable use of materials
  • No edge strip is required as the compact laminate black core is visible on the edges
  • Impact resistant construction
  • Vandal and graffiti-resistant surface
  • Waterproof, suitable for hose cleaning
  • Easy to clean and sanitise
  • Reduced maintenance time and cost
  • Unisex/gender-neutral public toilets and bathrooms
  • Schools and Universities
  • End Of Trip (EOT) Facilities
  • Shopping Centres
  • Sport and Gym Change Rooms
  • Defence Ablution Blocks
  • Corporate Amenities
  • Recreational Amenities
  • Product: Duracube Full Height Privacy Max (FHPM)
  • Board Selection:
    Doors: Durasafe 13mm compact laminate
    Divisional panels and frontals: Durasafe 13mm compact laminate
  • Hardware:
    Viva Satin Chrome Hardware is standard. Other hardware is available.
  • Construction:
    Privacy Max Door Seals
    Privacy Max Ventilation Panel
  • Ceiling Fixing:
    Aluminium Channel
    Colour – Oyster Grey powder‑coat
  • Floor Mounting:
    Aluminium Angle
    Colour – Oyster Grey powder‑coat
  • Overall System Height:
    Min. 2340mm to Max. 3000mm AFFL

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