Floor Mount – Free Standing (FFS)

Duracube® Floor Mount Free Standing system is designed specifically for low traffic wet areas. The system has a sleek finish and is one of the nicest finished systems we offer.


  • Constructed using Durasafe® 13mm compact laminate
  • Nibs mounted directly to floor with aluminium trim (FFS can only be installed with a concrete sub floor. Minimum fixing depth is 100mm)
  • Black Core visible on edges
  • Viva satin chrome cast alloy hardware with concealed stainless steel fixings (3 gravity hold open hinges per door)
  • Grey Powder Coated Aluminium extrusions and floor mount
  • Overall system height 1900mm AFFL


  • Super sleek design
  • Can be used in areas exposed to high moisture
  • Waterproof
  • Impact resistant surface
  • No edge strip
  • Direct fixing to floor ensures stability and strength
  • No headrail or fixing to the ceiling


  • Low traffic areas
  • Corporate office amenities

How to specify


Duracube® Floor Mount Free Standing System (FFS)

Board Selection:

Doors: Durasafe® 13mm compact laminate
Divisional panels/frontals: Durasafe® 13mm compact laminate


Viva Satin Chrome Hardware or any custom hardware

Floor Mounting:

Custom anodised aluminium skirt mount

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