Lockers – Bench Mounted (LBM)

Duracube® Locker – Bench Mounted is constructed with Durasafe® 13mm compact laminate doors providing a practical, waterproof, low maintenance and impact resistant surface. Coordinate the doors of the lockers with the partitioning system colour scheme.
Bench Mounted lockers save space by providing coordinated seating and storage for users. Ideal for end of trip facilities, school and sport change rooms.

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  • Available in a large range of stocked colours
  • Doors and panels constructed with Durasafe 13mm compact laminate requires no edge strip due to black core edge
  • Five lock options available
  • Locker carcass constructed from either:
    • water resistant white 16mm HMR board
    • water resistant black 16mm HMR board
    • 100% waterproof white 16mm PVC board
  • Sturdy steel seating frame
  • Pearl grey powder-coat frames and legs is standard, black is available upon request
  • Black PVC edge tape on carcass to match black core on compact laminate panels and doors
  • Four door colours can be used to create a pattern
  • Shelving and vent options are available
  • Coat rail is a standard inclusion in 1 door, 2 door and L door locker units
  • Select 1 door, 2 door, 3 door, 4 door or L door configurations
  • Lockers are attached to seating providing support


  • No edge strip on doors and panels, minimising repairs and maintenance
  • Waterproof or water resistant interior carcass, can be used in wet areas e.g. shower areas
  • Vandal and impact resistant surface
  • Configurable with multiple door layout, lock and colour options
  • Customisable widths available to suit specific site requirements
  • Weight of locker is transferred to the floor via the bench seating


  • Schools and Universities
  • End Of Trip (EOT) Facilities
  • Shopping Centres
  • Sport and Gym Change Rooms
  • Factory Change Rooms
  • Defence Ablution Blocks
  • Corporate Office Amenities
  • Recreational Amenities
  • Pubs and Clubs

How to specify


Duracube® Locker Systems – Bench Mounted (BPM)

Board Selection:

Doors, Panels and Seating: Durasafe 13mm compact laminate – Select colour here

Select internal carcass from either:
• Dry Area Lockers – water resistant white 16mm HMR board
• Dry Area Lockers – water resistant black 16mm HMR board
• Wet Area Lockers – 100% waterproof white 16mm PVC board


Insert lock option here

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