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Beaudesert State High School QLD

Beaudesert State High School QLD

Refurbishment works to the existing Beaudesert State High School building located in rural south east Queensland comprised the installation of Duracube® Privacy Core toilet partitioning system in compliance with QLD Department of Education (DoE) regulations.

Duracube® supplied the custom designed 2.7 metre long vanities with upstand for hand dryers in the toilet block and installed Durasafe® compact laminate open shelving and switchboard cupboard in the change room and cut-to-size boards for the outdoor eating area.

Project Brief:

Supply private toilet partitioning and custom designed vanities to meet QLD DoE standards. Cabinetry and cut-to-size service.

Duracube Solution:

Duracube® supplied and installed quality visually private partitioning system, cabinetry for change room and cut-to-size table and bench seats for outdoor eating area.

Duracube Products Installed:

Full Height – Privacy Core (FHPC)

Full Height – Privacy Core (FHPC)

  • Custom-made vanities with upstand units
  • Custom-made open shelving and electrical cabinet
  • Durasafe® Cut To Size Service

Durasafe Colours:

Durasafe 275 Classic Grey - Timeless grey tone for versatile and stylish partitions

275 Classic Grey

Durasafe 5003 Philippine Teak - Warm wood tone for natural and inviting partition surfaces

5003 Phillipine Teak


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