Compact Laminate Cut To Size Service

Duracube® compact laminate cut to size service makes the ideal solution for dining, working or learning in style possible, all whilst providing you with an extremely durable and antibacterial + antiviral surface. We can cut any compact laminate for use as a tabletop, benchtop, door panels, wall panels and other custom joinery. We work with a 3600 x 1800 sheet so we can cut any size that fits accordingly. Standard edge profiles are 1.5mm aris top and bottom, but sharknose and square edges profiles are also available. We can drill, route cutouts or v-groove to suit your requirements with minimal extra costs.



  • Incorporates Durasafe 13mm Compact Laminate with top & bottom arising to maintain a seamless finish
  • Impact resistant surface
  • Black core is polished to enhance the edges
  • Option of 30 Stocked Colours and an Extra 35+ colours available on indent
  • Made to Order in Square, round Rectangle or custom shapes to suit your requirements.
  • Sizing from 200 x 200 up to 1800 x 3600
  • Available with Customised Predrilling for easy base attachment


  • Cost Effective dining solution for Indoor and Outdoor Applications
  • Antibacterial surface preventing growth of 98% of bacteria
  • Vandal & graffiti resistant
  • No edgetapes to peel or lift
  • Easy to Clean and Maintain (wipe clean with a citrus cleaner)
  • Customised designs to suit your space and style
  • Waterproof

Suitable for

  • Cafés
  • Restaurants
  • Bars
  • Breakout/Lunch rooms
  • Alfresco Dining
  • Health application

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