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Duraloc® Lockers (3LOC)

Our lockers are constructed of 13mm compact laminate, providing a practical design layout with a waterproof, low maintenance and impact resistant finish. What’s more, we can match the doors of your lockers to your partitioning system!

Ideal for end of trip locker rooms, school lockers and waterproof change room lockers.

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  • Doors and panels constructed using 13mm compact laminate. Available in 35+ colours
  • Door colours can be mixed up to 4 colours to create a pattern
  • Panels constructed using White 16mm HMR Board (water resistant) or 16mm PVC Board (100% waterproof)
  • Mounted on 100mm Kicker or wall hung with or without wall seating
  • Black PVC edge tape on carcass to match black core on antibacterial 13mm compact laminate panels & doors.
  • Six lock options available.
  • Shelving and vents as per detail drawing
  • Coat rail in 1 door, 2 door and L door lockers


  • Can be used in wet areas e.g shower areas
  • Minimal maintenance required
  • 5 Different door layout options e.g. 1 door or 4 door lockers per unit
  • Impact resistant surface
  • No strip on doors and panels
  • Waterproof or water resistant options


  • Recreational/sporting Amenities
  • Schools/Universities
  • End of trip (EOT) facilities
  • Sporting and Gym Change Rooms
  • Factory Change Rooms
  • Corporate office amenities


Durasafe® 3000 Series Locker Systems or Durasafe® 3000 Series Locker Systems with Seating

Board Selection:

Doors & panels: Durasafe® antibacterial 13mm compact laminate
Carcass: White 16mm HMR (dry area lockers) or 18mm PVC Board (wet area lockers)


Standard key lock or any alternate lock option

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