Lockers (3LOC)

Our lockers are constructed of 13mm compact laminate, providing a practical design layout with a waterproof, low maintenance and impact resistant finish. What’s more, we can match the doors of your lockers to your partitioning system!

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  • Doors and panels constructed using 13mm compact laminate. Available in 35+ colours
  • Door colours can be mixed up to 4 colours to create a pattern
  • Panels constructed using White 16mm HMR Board (water resistant) or 16mm PVC Board (100% waterproof)
  • Mounted on 100mm Kicker or wall hung with or without wall seating
  • Black PVC edge tape on carcass to match black core on 13mm compact laminate panels & doors.
  • Standard key lock or keypad
  • Shelving and vents as per detail drawing


  • Can be used in wet areas e.g shower areas
  • Minimal maintenance required
  • 5 Different door layout options e.g. 1 door or 4 door lockers per unit
  • Impact resistant surface
  • No strip on doors and panels
  • Available with antibacterial doors and panels
  • Waterproof or water resistant options


  • Recreational/sporting Amenities
  • Schools/Universities
  • End of trip (EOT) facilities
  • Sporting and Gym Change Rooms
  • Factory Change Rooms
  • Corporate office amenities


Duracube 3000 Series Locker Systems or Duracube 3000 Series Locker Systems with Seating

Board Selection:

Doors & panels: Durasafe 13mm compact laminate
Carcass: White 16mm HMR (dry area lockers) or 18mm PVC Board (wet area lockers)


Standard key lock or key pad lock

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