Toilet & Shower Partitions, Compact Laminate Tabletops, Sydney, NSW, QLD

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3000 Series Toilet and Shower Partitions

Floor mounting:

Floor mounted or pedestal mounted


Durasafe, Laminex or Polytec 13mm compact laminate

Panel Colours:

  • Doors
  • Side Panels
  • Frontals


Standard or Specified


Square or round profiles


i.e. Gravity hold closed hinges

3000 Series Toilet and Shower Partitions

The Duracube 3000 Series offers low maintenance systems, designed specifically for high abuse wet areas.


  • Constructed using 13mm compact laminate.
  • Available with floor mounting options (see pg. 18)
  • Stylish Black Core seen on edges
  • Standard cast alloy hardware with stainless steel fixings
  • Aluminium anodised extrusions


  • Can be used in very wet settings e.g. shower areas and those exposed to
  • hose cleaning
  • Retains fresh appearance for years to come
  • Reduces maintenance
  • Waterproof
  • Vandal resistant
  • High endurance surface
  • No edge strip
  • Available with antibacterial substrate

Suitable For

  • Recreational Amenities
  • Schools\Universities
  • Pubs and Clubs
  • Public Amenities
  • Shopping Centres
  • Sporting and Gym Change Rooms

10 warranty

13mm Compact Laminate – Details

  1. Overlay Paper
  2. Decorative Paper
  3. Multiple Layers of Kraft Paper
  4. Multiple Layers of Kraft Paper
  5. Overlay Paper

Structural Diagram (Click here to view)

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