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Duracube® are the first company to launch Revit BIM Models for wet area partitioning systems, lockers and bench seating.

Duracube® Revit 3D architectural models have been developed to facilitate quick, accurate documentation and specification for wet area projects that are compliant with Australian Building Standards.

Duracube® Revit Models are:
• Locally created Australian content for documentation, visualisation, scheduling, and tagging.
• High quality with inbuilt parameters to ensure industry compliant wet area design.
• User friendly, facilitating focus on design and enabling easy specification.
• Easy to use, saving time and increasing productivity.
• Compliant with Australian Building Standards and Quality Assurance requirements.
• Created by industry recognised Australian Autodesk Authorised Developer.

Included with the Revit Models is a User Guide with product design and family usage guidelines, Sample Projects and Durasafe® Compact Laminate Textures.

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