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Can your washrooms pass the floodwaters test?

If there is one thing that Park Managers are concerned about, it’s the effect of weather incidents on their washroom facilities.

Sports fields are often used as water retention basins, or built on land adjoining watercourses, and the toilet blocks here must stand up to the daily wear and tear, the risk of vandalization, and sometimes the risk of being underwater for long periods of time.

That’s what the facilities manager at Richmond NSW faces regularly. The five clubhouses along this road are all built on lowlands and access can be cut at a moment’s notice by rising floodwaters.

The Hawkesbury Cricket Club’s facilities on Bensons Lane were underwater in March 2021 and then again in March 2022 for at least 3 days.

Duracube made a courtesy maintenance call and found the local team in the middle of the unenviable job of cleaning up, including water blasting the toilets and partitions.

Not surprisingly, even before the scum and debris were removed we found that the locks, hinges, and fittings looked and worked as good as new. The compact laminate itself showed no signs of being in water. No distortion (warping), no swelling, and no discolouration.

The photos speak for themselves.

It’s important to know that you can put your confidence in the DURACUBE system. It looks great. It’s cost saving. It’s labour saving. But best of all the club can be up and running again as soon as the ground dries out.

Can’t get much better than that.

UPDATE: since writing this blog the club has been underwater yet again! Check it out on 9NEWS or Hawkesbury Cricket Club Bensons Lane Richmond.

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