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Redeem Your Free Hand Sanitiser Stand

Supporting our clients with free antibacterial hand sanitiser stands redeemable for all orders above $15K in September!


Many thanks for your order this month. We appreciate being able to help you make this project another success. To redeem your free hand sanitiser stand, please complete and submit the below form and we will get this stand to you fast.
  • *Please provide the order number/sales reference on which you are claiming this stand.
    Total purchase order must reach or exceed $15,000 ex.GST and must be ordered (with Order Confirmation signed) before 30th September 2020.
  • Disclaimer: Hand sanitiser stand design will remain consistent, but colour of the antibacterial compact laminate used may vary depending on available stock. Sanitiser unit brand may also vary depending on available stock. Unit does not come with sanitiser solution - your choice of sanitiser solution can be poured into the top of the unit and refilled as needed.

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