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The Advantages of Compact Laminate

What is Compact Laminate?

Compact laminate is a high pressure, solid composite material that is rigid and smarter than any acrylic, plastic, or stone surface materials.

It is created by dipping layers of black Kraft paper in resin and drying them. These are then pressed at 180° and sealed between a top and bottom sheet of decor paper. Due to the chemical process of polymerisation, the layers are permanently melded, resulting in an incredibly strong and durable solid panel of laminate. Its thickness ranges between 3mm and 18mm but the most common thickness used is 13mm.

Our compact laminate is extremely resistant to scratches, wear and tear, stains, moisture and impact, and is backed by a 10-year limited warranty.

Thanks to its strength, width, waterproof and self-supporting properties, it is perfect for use in toilet partitions, shower cubicles, tabletops, cabinets and lockers.

What are the benefits of choosing Compact Laminate?

1. Strong and durable

When it comes to choosing toilet partition materials, we highly recommend compact laminate. Compact laminate is ideal for toilet partitions due to its high strength, durability, and design. It has a high resistance to graffiti and general wear and tear, making it a very smart and cost-effective choice of material. It is made with an indestructible core, making it ideal for wet areas where moisture and humidity is a big concern. Being impervious to water, it’s perfect for use in high traffic locations such as public and commercial buildings, schools, and universities. Compact laminate is a cost effective, durable, low maintenance material with a long life cycle.

2. Easy to clean

Compact laminate is one of the easiest toilet partition materials to keep clean. Being impervious to water, this allows hosing of the entire bathroom and wiping of partitions with a damp cloth without the compact laminate swelling or deteriorating. Removing graffiti off compact laminate panels can easily be achieved by using methylated spirits, while still guaranteeing no damage to the structure or colour of the product.

3.  Flexible design and architectural appearance

We have a wide colour range of compact laminate toilet partitions, including solid colours, wood grains and metallic or stone patterns. In the education sector, not only do bold, bright colours make the washroom more inviting, but they also encourage children to take better care of the shared environment. We can customise cubicles as needed with our in-house CNC machines, ensuring the toilet partitions meet your exact requirements.

Compact Laminate vs Particle Board

Features Compact Laminate Particle Board/MDF
Usage in shower environment
Solid core
Warranty 10 years 7 years

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