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How to install Toilet Partitions – Video

Watch the team at Duracube® show you how we recommend installing toilet partitions. This video will show you the team installing a Compact Laminate Pedestal Mount Overhead Braced System.

Duracube®’s toilet partition kits are fast, easy and complete which makes them ideal for the tradesperson to install even without prior knowledge of toilet partition installation.

As seen in this video everything is pre-drilled and all components supplied reducing installation time and minimising room for error.

If installation is not for you, Duracube® offers a quality installation service in Sydney and Adelaide.

Email us at to get a quote on your toilet partitions kit today! In the meantime, you can see indicative pricing here, or check our guide to toilet cubicle dimensions. And if you’ve got a tight deadline looming, we can help! Call us today – 1300 387 228.

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