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What is the importance of Light Reflective Value (LRV) in commercial bathrooms?

Light Reflective Value (or LRV) is a crucial consideration in commercial bathrooms around the world. LRV is “a measure of visible and usable light that is reflected from a surface when illuminated by a light source.” So in commercial bathrooms, it’s the colour contrast between toilet cubicle doors and the walls, vanities and the floor, grab rails/hardware and the panel colours. This difference in visual contrast makes it easier for the elderly and those with visual impairments to see and distinguish between the two objects. The LRV result that is being looked for is normally around 30, but this does depend in what setting the bathrooms are located, what national standard is being adhered to, and which users the bathroom is servicing. Please check the standards relevant to your project.

It’s important to note with woodgrain prints that the LRV result will be an average result because the colour tones in a woodgrain print can differ depending on the position of the surface measured, as opposed to a solid colour which will provide a consistent LRV result.

We’ve made it easy for you to calculate the LRV rating for your chosen Durasafe® colours. Punch the LRV of your chosen Durasafe® colours from our table below into our Duracube® LRV Calculator, and hit ‘Calculate’ for your result.

0% Luminance Contrast

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The contrast formula used is based on the formula 125(Y2-Y1) / (Y1+Y2+25) where Y2 is the LRV of the lighter area and Y1 is the LRV of the darker area, as noted in Part E3 or E5 of AS/NZ 1428.4.1-2009 and Part B4 of AS1428.1-2009.

Disclaimer: This Calculator is designed to be a helpful tool to architects and builders, and provides indicative results only. Duracube® is not liable for the results provided.

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Durasafe® Compact Laminate Colours LRV

Colour LRV
111 Artic White 81.5
113 Off White 82.0
133 Almond 60.7
275 Classic Grey 55.5
268 Evening 36.5
259 Green Apple 37.8
464 Barrier Reef 28.2
291 Royal Blue 12.4
279 Charcoal 11.3
401 Midnight 5.7
229 Sunshine 66.7
217 Sunset 43.8
204 Red Apple 17.1
5577 Concrete 33.7
923 Brushed Grey 39.0
5853 Lunar Rock 25.2
5730 Brushed Graphite 16.4
5578 Slate 11.4
9610 Pure Ash 54.7
5427 Refresh Oak 34.2
738 Oak 49.0
5003 Phillipine Teak 34.6
5353 Rosenheim Elm 22.0
5331 Midnight Acacia 8.9

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