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Toilet Partition Material and Thickness

What should toilet partitions be made of?
Toilet partitions are always installed in areas of high traffic, moisture and humidity. That’s why Durasafe® Compact Laminate is ideal for toilet partitions, thanks to its high strength, durability, and design. It has a high resistance to graffiti and general wear and tear, making it a very smart and cost-effective choice of material. It is made with an indestructible core, making it ideal for wet areas where moisture and humidity is a big concern. Being impervious to water, it’s perfect for use in high traffic locations such as public and commercial buildings, schools, and universities. Compact laminate is a cost effective, durable, low maintenance material with a long life cycle.

How thick should toilet partitions be?
The industry standard thickness for compact laminate toilet partitions in Australia is 13mm. Others in Australia offer 10mm thick material, which is too weak to withstand the treatment thrown at it, and 18mm thick material, which is an overkill – 18mm material is not necessary and will be excess unnecessary cost to any project. 13mm Durasafe® Compact Laminate is the tested and proven material for toilet partitions in Australia.

Is 13mm Compact Laminate sufficient for supporting ambulant grab rails?
Yes, we have had testing completed in Australia to ensure that 13mm compact laminate is thick enough to be used for toilet partitions. The consulting structural and civil engineers that tested our Durasafe® compact laminate certified that the 13mm compact is designed to take up to 1100N as required by AS1428.1 Cl 6.2. They clarified “We are satisfied that the laminate partitions described and fixed to the Duracube standards, in accord with the relevant Australian Standard, will be structurally adequate to support grab rails in ambulant toilet cubicles as required by AS1428.1 Cl 6.2.” The Team at Duracube have also completed countless successful projects incorporating these grab rails. The above certification is available on request.

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