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Why should my lockers be made of compact laminate?

Lockers are an asset that should be able to last years. We all know they get their fair thrashing, but surely, they don’t need to be replaced every few years!

Your solution; Lockers.

Duraloc® is our range of antibacterial compact laminate locker systems that are ideal for use in any wet or dry area situation. Duracube’s lockers are made in-house with the same robust construction as our toilet partitioning systems, using 13mm compact laminate for doors and panels. This guarantees you a 10 year limited warranty and boasts 60+ colour options to match your partitioning system. In-house production assures you we can tailor your lockers to meet your requirements – whether that be a single door locker, 4 doors or an L-door locker.

Using compact laminate eliminates the need to use ABS edge strip – over time, ABS edge strip peels off, but with compact laminate, we polish the black core once cut, so we don’t need to use any edge stripping. Our guarantee to you that your lockers will last a lifetime! Read more about our way to stop peeling edge strip here.

Durasafe® compact laminate is also antibacterial and completely waterproof. Being made of an indestructible core, compact laminate is ideal for wet areas where moisture and humidity are a big concern. With compact laminate, cleaning couldn’t be easier – just open up all of those lockers and hose them out! The compact laminate won’t ever swell or deteriorate.

Most importantly, we understand the significance of the lock. A locker without the perfect locking system is no locker! That’s why we’ve gone to great pains to source the very best lock options out there. Our lock options include:

  • Standard key lock
  • Dial code lock
  • Electronic code lock
  • Wet area electronic waterproof lock
  • RFID lock
  • Real time lock

Drop us a line today to get more information on our locks options and Duraloc® pricing.

Never compromise for quality. Duraloc® antibacterial compact laminate lockers will last you a lifetime!

Find out more about Duraloc® or see just how waterproof your compact laminate lockers can be!

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